CBD Health Box knows that privacy and how personal information is collected, stored and used is an important factor for its users to be aware of and understand.
Here this website is disclosing its privacy policies to clearly show and state our company’s privacy policies. We here describe what information we collect from our users and what data users can use here.
Here users of this website can read that what kind of data we collect and what we do with the collected data.
What Information We Collect:Personal Information:

We collects only non-personal identifying information from the visitor’s web browser and web server. From browser we collect this kind of information;

  • Language
  • Type of web browser
  • Referring website
  • Date & time of visit
  • Duration of using our website
  • Activity logs

This kind of information is clearly non personal identifying information that is only used to judge the nature of the user using this website. It collects some potential personal identifying information by the web servers like IP (internet protocol address). Well it is cleared that this website does not use this data to identify users and or disclose this information to someone else. This website keeps all information protected and does not disclose these details the website only disclose personal identifying information under some conditions that are mentioned below.

However, if you want to subscribe to our service, we will collect some basic information such as your name, telephone, mailing address and e-mail address. This information is necessary to deliver your subscription box to you each month and be able to contact you in the event of communication being needed for billing, order clarification and other similar scenarios. CBD Health Box and its distributors will use such information only for processing your order and to send product-specific information such as receipt, invoice and marketing promotional materials.

Any information you provide will not be used for other commercial purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third party; however, any distributors who provide products included in CBD Health Boxes will have access to your email for special promotional options. Users can opt out of these services by contacting the third party provider.

Congregation Personal Identifying Information:

This website use to collect personal identifying information according to nature of user interaction that urges the site to collect the personal identifying information. This website only collects the information in so far as the amount of data is required or fitting to fulfill the purpose of doing this. If visitor will refuse to share personal identifying information then website will be unable to collect these details so, it is recommended for the user to leave the website.

Website only displays personal identifying data publically if any user or visitor shares personal information in the comment section. Visitor will be responsible for sharing personal information publically and for this website is not responsible.

How To Protect Personal Identifying Information:

This website discloses visitor’s personal identifying information to its workers and affiliated persons only for business purpose under the same privacy policies. We only disclose personal identifying information and potential personal information under some conditions with laws and conditions.

We will never share your information for any reason whatsoever with any company under any circumstance. Your privacy is of the utmost concern to us.

Cookies And Ads:

Cookies are like string of information that our website collects from the visitor’s web browsers. Our website collects time of visit and duration of using our content, with web browsers properties. This information that visitor provides to our website with permission otherwise visitor can unable cookies setting to avoid sharing information with our website but with this drawback may be our website may not work properly.

On our website there are some ads appears for advertisement by the advertisement partner. Visitor will get ads according to interest of the user that may be set by cookies. On this website you can see online advertisement or targeted ads. This website shares Google AdSense and these ads don’t use cookies information.

Credit Card and Payment Information:

All credit card information is stored and collected through a third party provider and as such, CBD Health Box never views or collects any of this information.


Privacy Policies Updates:

Our website is continuously updating the privacy policy of the website according to the requirement. Visitors should have to read our policies or contact us to get through the changes that recently made by the website.